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On-site service

Service Commitments of the Company:

Service indicates the management level. Service indicates the management level of the enterprise, reflects the spirit of the enterprise, signifies the ability of service personnel, and demonstrates the brand image of the enterprise. In a word, the service personnel represent the image of the enterprise.

First-rate service creates superior value. First-rate service guarantees solid foundation of cooperation for future projects. Better service renders better credit, and enables the Company to respond efficiently to client demands and capture more market shares.

Client foremost. We will think over the issues from the standpoint of clients, so as to ensure client satisfaction and attract the clients as our faithful advocates. In addition, we will, by means of first-rate and sincere service, strengthen the communication with clients, and win favorable comments from them.

Our service commitment: We will never respond to our clients with the excuse of "I'm not responsible for this. Please seek help from others." 

        Furthermore, we will never make excuse at any time or under any circumstances.


(I) On-site services

After-sales Service Hotline: 0086-27-82829786

The Company will, according to the actual needs of clients, designate our qualified service personnel to offer on-site technical services for clients. The on-site services mainly include:

1. To offer instructions for on-site installation and debugging of equipment, and; to participate in the test run and performance acceptance test of equipment;

2. To provide technical disclosure to clients, explain and demonstrate to them the equipment debugging skills before debugging;

3. To explain the operational principle of equipment system to the operation and maintenance personnel of power station, and answer the questions relating to equipment;

4. To solve the technical problems occurred on project site.

(II) Client training

Excellent technical training enables the users to get better mastery of equipment, thus guaranteeing the long-term, continuous and stable running of equipment. To this end, the Company will take initiative to provide the clients with efficient technical trainings of diversified mode and scale.

1. Regular (annual or biennial) technical exchange and training course for users

The Company will hold a technical exchange and training course for users at least every two years, so as to build up a platform for mutual learning, exchange and sharing of technologies among the users. Such training course covers multiple aspects including industry trends, new technologies, seminars, Q&A, software (version) upgrading, and instructions for equipment maintenance, etc.

In 2016, the Company, together with the Professional Committee of Control Equipment of China Society for Hydropower Engineering, held a technical exchange and training course on hydroturbine governor, excitation unit of synchronous motor, and other equipment.

2. Ex-factory equipment training

Prior to the ex-factory delivery of equipment, users can designate their technical personnel to the Company to take part in the training on operational principle of equipment (i.e. PLC) system, technical solution, and precautions for on-site installation and wiring.

3. On-site user training

During and after the on-site debugging, the Company will require all its on-site service personnel to hold all-sided technical trainings on users, and carry out the technical disclosure in five aspects such as system operational principle, composition of parts, method of application, maintenance, and analysis and handling of common faults.

4. Customized training

In addition to the conventional user training, the Company can hold pertinent technical trainings according to the needs of different users and industry associations. In 2012, the Company, together with Puer Society of Electrical Engineering, held a training course on in Puer City, Yunnan Province.